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TAYLOR Barry-The OZ Factor Website : Independant UFO Researcher : The Oz Factor. Study and Researcher of UFOs since close encounter in 1970. Witness to many UFO events especially in the 1990’s when able to video many day time and night time UFOs. Want to share this often unique footage with you so you can also learn what type of UFO visit our skies. Many of these UFO types seem to be a “living Space Critter” rather than a craft containing Alien Beings as is the common thoughts on UFO. I have often been Buzzed by these UFO objects.

Email:stingray@manyrivers.aunz.com | Postal Address: PO Box 679, Grafton NSW 2460
AUSTRALIA | Telephone (in Australia): (02) 6643-1695 | Email: stingray@nor.com.au

Tasmanian UFO Investigation Centre (affiliated AUFORN): No Web Site.

Email: tufoic@yahoo.com | Postal Address: PO Box 174, South Hobart TAS 7004
AUSTRALIA | Telephone (in Australia): (03) 6223-6009 Hobart | UFO Hotline:1800 77 22 88

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