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Friday 12/12/1997, Panania, NSW 4:20 am - One witness

Witness account: On the 12th of December 1997 at about 4:20 am on Friday morning, while driving down Victoria Ave Panania, I noticed what looked like three bright white headlights coming down above the trees, it was heading from the South in a Northerly direction.

There were two large trees in the distance which were a few meters apart, the craft stretched from tree to tree. I saw these baby blue florescence coloured lights behind the three white lights, it was in the shape of the tail of an airplane. Behind the baby blue lights was the same shape, but these were a baby pink florescence coloured lights.

The design on these tails were not the same as each other, they were different to the blue ones. It was very hard to see in between the lights to make out the shape of the craft. It was like looking into the sky but I could see something like a charcoal black in colour. The sky was very dark as the moon had set. The craft was about a football field away, above the tree tops.

The craft was going very slow as if it was going to land. I drove very slowly as I watched it. I noticed that there were no flashing lights on it at all. I followed the craft to the end of the road, I thought there was an airport near by because the craft was descending as if to land. The craft made no noise what so ever. I continued on my way down Thomson Road, I then turned right onto The River Road, then right again onto Henry Lawson Drive.

As I was driving to the Clancy Street intersection, I noticed two sets of red lights coming from the right side of the car about 70 feet above my car. The red lights seemed to be at the end of each wing with no lights in between. There were two lights flying at the same speed, one was a bit higher then the other. In-between the mat red lights was the same charcoal colour as the larger craft spotted earlier.

The charcoal colour could be seen a bit better due to the city lights. The lights flew slowly across the sky towards Padstow. Thinking that there was an airport in the area I went on my way. On the Monday I noticed a plane in the sky. It was high up in the sky and very noisy, it had only one tail offcourse unlike the two tails I saw on the craft.

I started thinking about what I had seen and decided to check and see if there was an airport in the area. I was informed that there was not and decided to contact someone to report it.

I contacted Peter Khoury from The UFO Experience Support Association, he met me at the scene in Panania and we went through the whole scenario, we took some photos to mark the flight path and headed to the area where I thought the craft might have landed. There was a lake and a lot of park land with a lot of trees in the area. Peter K showed me a number of different colour charts, but I could not see the colours I saw that night.

If you know about or have heard anything similar to this case please come forward. We share this in the hope that if someone knows anything about this case please contact.

Email: pkhoury@ufoesa.com

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