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UFO Lands in Collector, NSW, Australia

On the 16th January 1996, I received a telephone call from a woman who reported a UFO sighting of a landed craft on a property next to the Federal Highway near the Collector turn off.  Kerry reported that while she and her daughter Samantha were traveling from Canberra to Sydney they noticed a very bright light in then sky. The woman noticed the object travel towards them at great speed as if about to crash into them.  The object stopped and suspended itself above their car, it was at that point they noticed a solid structure with a number of colored lights. 

Samantha wound down the window to listen for any noise, she did not hear anything, the object hovered for a short time before heading off behind them, they could see that the object was emitting what they called sparks from underneath. A four wheel drive vehicle was in front of the two women, some of the sparks might have fallen on the wheel drive, but it was to late to warn them as they speed away and the UFO moved behind the women.  The object was tracked visually for some time until it disappeared as they passed Lake George.  They pulled into a roadside rest area for a break and spotted the UFO again.  They watched it for a while until it seemed to be heading towards them, in panic they drove away. 

Kerry kept the object in sight for quite a while as the object followed them, she lost sight of it just before the Collector turn off. Kerry was constantly looking out the rear window to see if the object was trailing them.  A short while after they passed the Collector turn off.  Samantha looked through the front passenger window and noticed that the object had landed in a paddock not more then twenty meters away.  She could see a number of lights or windows along it's side. 

Next to the large object was a smaller UFO which also had landed.  As they were slowing down Kerry also saw the large object in the paddock but did not see the smaller one, she described the lights or windows as more roundish. The two women had parked about 150 meters down the road, they noticed two other cars parked directly opposite the UFO.  The two women noticed a single bright light which was moving rapidly towards them, they panicked and quickly drove off leaving the scene without marking a landmark for directional purposes.

I contacted Bill Chalker and Matthew Favaloro and arranged with Kerry to meet at the location in Collector.  We waited at one end of the turn off to Collector while Kerry was waiting at the other end.  After a while we decided to go for a drive and happened to meet her on the way.  This is important as it made it difficult for Kerry to pin point the spot due to the two turn off points. I introduced Bill and Matthew to Kerry and her nephew.  While Bill interviewed Kerry, We tried to locate the spot by driving back and forth on the highway hoping that some land mark would trigger Kerry's memory.

Kerry became confused as to the location of the landing site as there are two turn offs to Collector, she could not workout which turn off the sighting took place at. I walked around in the fields along the highway trying to find some indication that something  had landed in the field, it was a private property and was fenced off, we were very careful not to trespass.  If we were able to locate the property owners we may have had a little luck, but not to many people want to get involved when you mention UFOs. We came away wondering how many people may have witnessed this event.

Could this have been another multiple sighting, hopefully one day the other parties may contact someone to report this experience. If you know about or have heard anything similar to this case please come forward. We share this in the hope that if someone knows anything about this case  please contact.

Email: pkhoury@ufoesa.com

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