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Peter Khoury's Experiences - 1988
Peter Khoury

Peter Khoury, the President of UFOESA, is himself an abductee. In 1988 Peter had an experience that involved two types of beings, telepathic communication, time loss and 'scoop' marks on his leg. This experience led Peter to search for the truth about the UFO phenomenon. Peter discussed his 1988 experience with a number of professionals and realised the need for support.

1971 Lebanon Sighting: While playing with a group of neighbourhood kids on a rooftop of a neighbours house Peter was the last one on the roof, and as he stepped through the security door he noticed the other kids were all standing still as if frozen. Peter thougth they were playign a trick on him and he tried to tickle them to make them move, but they stood still. As I did this I looked up and noticed an egg-shaped object hovering silently about 10 metres above us.

I noticed what looked like tinted glass and two very thin and tall shadowy-looking figures seated in the object. The object did not have a propellor or make any sound, it hovered silently in the sky. The next thing we all remember was sitting at the foot of the stairs and wondering how we got there. Our parents had been loking for us for approximately 3 hours, and we were nowhere to be found. They were pretty upset to say the least.

1988 Bedroom Experience - All that I am about to relate to you I remember vividly and Consciously.

In Sydney during February 1988, my fiancee and I witnessed a strange light doing extraordinary movements in conjunction with a beam of light effect. The light source traveled across the sky at great speed, until it reached what looked like three stars in a triangular formation. Suddenly a beam of light shot out of the object, it was directed at one of the three stars, as it reached the star the light source would appear in two places at the same time, then vanish from point A. It did this erratically for a few minutes then disappeared.

Approximately six months later on July 1988, I had a UFO experience which changed my life forever. I sat down to watch a television program with my father, a few minutes into the program my brother who was asleep in my bedroom woke up and walked into the TV room and told me that he wanted to sleep in the TV room and asked if I could watch TV in my bedroom.

While in my bedroom I sat on the bed, switched the television on and rested on the bed. Instantly I felt something grab my ankles, as I felt this a strange numbness, a tingling and burning sensation crawled up through my body and up to my head. I was paralyzed, I could not move any part of my body but for the exception of my eyes which I could move from side to side, open and close.

Two Beings from 1988

My brain was functioning but I could not do anything physically. I tried to call out to family members but I could not force the words out. At this strange I started to panic thinking I would not walk again. I thought I was truly paralyzed. All of a sudden I looked my right side of the bed and I could see 3 or 4 figures wearing dark robes with hoods on their heads. Their faces were very wrinkled and shiny black in color.

On the left side of the bed I noticed 2 beings that looked so different from the others. These two beings were thin, tall with big black eyes and narrow chins, they had two holes for a nose and a thin slit for a mouth. They were goldish yellow in colour.

Being seen By Peter Khoury

The one closest to my head communicated with me telepathically telling me "not to worry, Calm down, we will not hurt you, calm down, it will be like the last time, we will not hurt you, just relax". I became surprisingly calm. As the being looked at me with those big black eyes I could feel the emotion through them, it was eyes that expressed these feelings.

It was at this stage that I noticed a long needle like flexible tube, the being then pointed the needle to the top left side of my head and inserted it in. It was at that stage that I blacked out. The next thing I remember I was conscious, I jumped out of bed like a flash. I walked into the TV room where my dad and brother were. I noticed they were asleep. I tried to wake my father but could not, after shaking my brother for a minute or so he woke up. He looked dazed and lost, as he put it "I felt switched off".

I asked him how long it had been since I went to my room, he replied about 10 minutes which was how long I also thought it had been. When I left the TV room earlier a film was just starting yet as I spoke to my brother we realised that the TV station was closed as there was just a blur on the screen. We noticed the time was past 2.30am and at least 2 hours had past by unaccounted.

The next morning as I was drying myself after a shower I noticed a sore spot on my right shin, it looked like a cigarette burn and was red raw. That afternoon approximately six hours later I picked up my fiancee from work. I explained to her what had happened the previous night as I touched the spot where the needle was inserted I discovered some dried blood on my head. My fiance took a closer look and noticed a puncture hole and dried blood.

Peter Scoop Mark

I showed her the mark on my leg which was red raw that morning, it was dried out and looked like an old scar. She suggested I go to my family doctor for a check up.

I showed the doctor the mark on my head which she spotted instantly and commented that I must have hit my head on a nail at work. When I tried to explain what had happened I was laughed at.

I had nowhere to go for help, no one to discuss the incident with, it was frustrating to experience something so bizarre, so strange yet so real.I ask you all to think about the situation abductees are in. What if you became a victim of the same circumstances, wouldn't you want someone to listen to you and feel confident that professional help is at hand. This is the reason the UFO Experience Support Association was founded in 1993. Peter Khoury.

Contact Peter: UFOESA, P.O Box 191, Regents Park, NSW  2143

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