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Peter Khoury, the President of UFOESA
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Peter Khoury, the President of UFOESA, is himself an abductee. In 1988 Peter had an experience that involved two types of beings, telepathic communication, time loss and 'scoop' marks on his leg. This experience led Peter to search for the truth about the UFO phenomenon. Peter discussed his 1988 experience with a number of professionals and realised the need for support.


He acquired a UFO investigators certificate and, in April 1993 founded the UFO Experience Support Association. In February 1996, Peter lectured with Professor John E. Mack during his visit to Australia and was subsequently appointed the Australian representive for PEER, based at Harvard University. Peter also lectured in Japan, as guest speaker at a three day UFO Conference.

Dr John Mack Talking in Australia

Peter lectured with Professor John E. Mack during his visit to Australia and was subsequently appointed the Australian representive for PEER, based at Harvard University.

Photo: Copyright (C) UFOSEA. Professor John E. Mack has since passed away. R.I.P

In 1992, Peter had an experience involving two alien females, one was a tall blonde Nordic type, the other Asian looking. Peter retrieved two hair samples which were subjected to DNA profiling with intriguing results. This subsequently became the focus of a Scientific DNA investigation in 1998.

The original DNA work was done on the shaft of the hair. Fascinating futher anomalies were found in the root of the hair. Two types of DNA were found depending on where the mitochondrial DNA testing occurs, namely confirming the rare Chinese type DNA in the hair shaft and indicating a rare possible Basque/Gaelic type DNA in the root section. The samples have been preserved for further analysis.

The analysis of the hair sample and a full report of the experience To Enter Click Here

Most researchers were so bent on the scientific approach (probably hoping to be accepted by mainstream scientists) that they forgot totally about people ever being involved with such phenomena as UFOs. The thought of looking silly if they believed in abductees was beyond the beyond so they took the scientific approach and stuck their heads in the ground, hoping that the abduction phenomena would go away, like a bad dream.

Budd Hokins and Peter Khoury

This changed with the advent of "Budd Hopkins" who pioneered UFO Abduction Research in the USA. THen an explosion of books hit the market and UFO Abduction Research became the leading edge in UFO Studies everywhere, that is, except here! 

Photo: Copyright (C) UFOSEA. Budd Hopkins & Peter Khoury

Some galant UFO researchers and organisations still had their heads in the ground and it was Peter Khoury who against all odds and with great opposition, biggotry and with being ostricised, founded the UFO Experience Support Association. 

The first and only one of its kind to deal with and help Abductees cope with their Experience in Australia. At the UFO Expo 1992, Gary Wiseman presented, Budd Hopkins on UFO Abductions, and people started to take notice. Peter pulled together information as well as a team of professional counsellors, hypnotherapists, doctors, psycho-therapists and psychologists to help people cope with and understand their experiences.

He also presented Film Nights which included Guest Speakers and linked Australia with the rest of the world! He literally pulled us out of the "UFO Dark Ages". His ongoing personal commitment to finding out everything about UFOs is a lifelong, ongoing process for Peter. What makes Peter special is his willingness to share information and be open with everyone including the Media. He is not shy in coming forward and stands on his findings no matter what! 

Peter's first conscious UFO Abduction Experience was in 1988, Peter has a mark on his head where a needle was inserted by the beings. He also has a scoop mark on his right leg where a sample was taken.

Peter Khoury's 1992 Abduction Experience which involved two alien females, a blonde and an Asian, became the world's first Ufo abduction case with biological evidence. The two hair samples, were DNA tested using the PCR method. The results were published in the International UFO Reporter, Aust Ufologist mag. The investigation is still on going.

Peter Khoury and Bill Chalker With Hair of the Alien Book

Monday June 27th - Peter Khoury (left) and Bill Chalker view an advance copy of "HAIR of the ALIEN" hot off the press and couriered from New York courtesy of Simon & Schuster, in the wake of NY editorial feedback:

Photo: Copyright (C) UFOSEA. Peter Khoury & Bill CHalker

Television Programs: As well Peter has been involved in numerous television programs: (The Extraordinary, Compass, Lateline, The Times, Foxtel (The Hub& Arena), Optus, (NightVibes).

Videos: The Alien Files, (Show Boat), UFO Abductions & Science.

Radio Programs (2UE, 2GB, ABC Radio National, MMM FM, JJJ FM, Radio Malta, USA and Canada)

Newspaper Interviews (The Age, The Torch, Review Pictorialand Herald Sun Melbourne) and magazine interviews icluding, (More Magazine NZ, TNT Magazine, Australian Style, New Weekly, Exposure, Girlfriend, New Woman, FHM, Australian Post, B Magazine, Expose, The Australiasian Ufologist Magazine, International UFO Reporter, UFO magazine U.S.A, and The Medical Observer). 

Abduction Story: Peter's 1988 abduction story features in Bill Chalker's "The Oz Files".

Japan: Peter was invited to Japan in 1996 to address a UFO Conference.

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