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History of UFOESA
UFOESA Group 1993


Photo Left: Original UFOESA Committee 1993.

Peter Khoury, Jamie Leonarder, Frankh Wilkes, Rocco D, Leslie Bullock, Vivian Khoury, Aspasia Vetsikes, Beattrice Coppelo, Sylvia Hoeing & Matthew F.


Peter Khoury, the President of UFOESA, is himself an abductee. In 1988 Peter had an experience that involved two types of beings, telepathic communication, time loss and 'scoop' marks on his leg. This experience led Peter to search for the truth about the UFO phenomenon. Peter contacted a Doctor and a Psycologist to try to understand what he was experiencing.

Everytime Peter mentioned that there was a presence in his room the therapist would tell him they could not help him and would hang up the phone. It was then Peter contacted UFO Groups and started to make the connection that his experiences were somehow related to the UFO Phenomena. Peter became frustrated with the formal UFO Groups approach and lack of knowledge of the Abduction Experience.

Budd Hopkins & Peter Khoury

Peter's frustrations cummulated in 1992 after the Budd Hopkins Conference at the Sebel town house in Sydney. This conference was well attended and put the Abduction Phenomena at the forefront of UFO research.

After this meeting a number of people approached Peter and spoke to him about there own UFO sightings & experiences, hoping to understand the phenomena better.

Peter then wrote to a number of professionals ranging from Hypnotherapist's, Counselors, Psycologist's & Doctors. Peter received 12 replies and a meeting was arranged for the 28th of February 1993. This was the inaugural meeting where Peter discussed his 1988 experience as well as briefly touching on 1992 Experience with the two females.

Peter didn't really want to talk about the 1992 experience due to it's sexual nature but felt it was necessary to let the proffessional know how wide and varied the Abduction Experience can be. The name UFOESA was created on the 9th April 1993. Present at this meeting were Peter Khoury, Jamie Leonarder, Frankh Wilkes, Robert Marx, Rocco D, Leslie Bullock, Vivian Khoury, Aspasia Vetsikes.

On the 15 of April the name UFOESA (UFO Experience Support Association) was registered with Consumer Affairs. The First Support Group Meeting was held on the 23rd April 1993. The First Public Meeting/Film Night was held on the 13th May 1993 at the State Library of N.S.W.

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